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Plenty of new strains at California Healing!

San Diego Marijuana

It’s John again over here at California Healing. We recently got some new strains in and I absolutely can not wait to tell you about them. If you’re looking for amazing Medical Marijuana in San Diego come in and check out our many award winning strains.

No matter what ailments you’re seeking Medical Marijuana in San Diego for, we have made sure to assemble a wide verity of top quality strains for you to choose from. And with a 100% satisfaction guarantee we know you will find the strain that suites you best.

If you are having a hard time sleeping I would recommend trying our Skywalker!

This bud is covered in trichomes from head to toe and packs a major punch. With an organic smell and mild cantaloupe taste it’s hard to go wrong with this one. The high was amazing, it’s euphoric and up lifting effects followed by a heavy body high makes you just sink into the couch. If you like indicas this is one strain of Medical marijuana in San Diegoyou won’t want to pass up.

Next up is the tang! Tang has a unique tangerine smell and taste to it.

Although looks can be deceiving if you like sativa dominant hybrids this San Diego Marijuana is a must have! The effects will leave you happy and creative, great for someone who suffers from depression or stress. Some even say it’s lucky, but who knows!?

Last but not least we’ve got the Platinum Bubba Kush! This San Diego marijuana strain will leave you feeling very uplifted and relaxed it’s also great for stress, insomnia and lack of appetite. The buds are caked with trichomes with a very earthy smell and taste. If you like indicas thisSan Diegomarijuana is a must try.

I hope this helps to better inform you about the different San Diego marijuana strains available to you through California Healing. If you have any questions or comments about theSan Diegomarijuana strains we carry just email me at John@californiahealing.org . I look forward to hearing from you, till next time.

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana in San Diego

Here at California Healing we pride ourselves on providing top quality medicine to all of our members. You see, trying new bud is like tasting fine wine and like fine wine it all starts off at the vineyard. We are constantly searching far and wide, carefully selecting only the finest buds for you to choose from. If you are looking for medical marijuana in San Diego I promise you will not be disappointed. In addition to providing top quality medical marijuana in San Diego we also strongly support the healthy ingestion of THC by the use of edibles and vaporizers.

Medical Marijuana in San Diego and the options for consumption

So you finally got your Medical Marijuana in San Diego’s best dispensary? on this amazing bud! Now, what should you do with it? Smoke it? Why don’t you try vaporizing? Vaporizing is a healthy alternative to smoking and yields many crucial benefits to living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After all it is medicine right? You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your lungs to be happy. Vaporizers work by using a gentle heat instead of a flame. When heated to the best marijuana vaporizer temperature range of 180-200° C (356° – 392° F), the marijuana will actually release THC and CBN without burning the plant matter. Marijuana vapor appears as a thin mist, which is very easy to inhale. My personal favorite vaporizer is the No2. Not only does it come as a portable water bottle shape so it’s convenient, it gives the bud a sort of HD taste. It’s like the difference between having a burnt piece of bread in one hand and a lightly toasted piece in the other. If you’re looking for a healthy way to ingest medical marijuana in San Diego this is by far the most rewarding way.

Looking for edibles but can’t seem to find one that’s actually enjoyable to eat?Well look no more,Californiahealing doesn’t have just any edibles, our professional chocolatiers have created perfection and boy does it taste sweet. Finally an edible that you can eat and not feel like you are biting into a bud. The secret is in the mixture by extracting pure THC from top medical marijuana in San Diego and adding a few other things to make it just right our chocolatiers have developed edibles with an exact pure THC milligram dosage! Come on in and chose from our wide selection of truffles, brownies, cookies or hard candies.

Questions about Medical Marijuana in San Diego? 

When you’re on the go nothings faster than taking a Yak Capsule, no smoke or bowl loading necessary! Yak Capsules are easy to Digest and can be taken with water, tea, coffee or any liquid you would normally drink. They come in both Indica and Sativa forms. Each capsule is 100 mg of cannabis extract and packs a major punch. If you are looking for a discreet way to take Medical Marijuana in San Diego this is the bet.

The Best Medical Marijuana in California

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San Diego marijuana strains at California Healing have the most THC crystals i have ever seen!

Posted By: John – On August 11, 2011 – In General

medical marijuana in san diego

San Diego Marijuana

San Diego marijuana strains at California Healing have the most THC crystals i have ever seen!!

So my friend just got their card a few months ago and they were asking me where to find the best San Diego marijuana; mission accomplished. After trying countless top shelf strains from just about every dispensary around they finally found a dispensary that specializes in the best of the best and being better than the rest. Hands down they said California Healing had the best buds they EVER had seen! Our location is extremely professional, between the down to earth friendly staff, the secure professional environment and top quality San Diego marijuana what’s not to love. Listed below are a few strains they sampled from us and a little review of each.

Top San Diego marijuana strains at California Healing

Sweet OG: This Gorgeous San Diego marijuana has a vibrant green color and curly orange hairs seemingly dipped in sugar. The lime smell is subtle but the flavor packs a punch and has a great OG taste. Be ready for a heavy effect, this San Diego marijuana is great for gluing yourself to the couch, you might want to sit tight because the effects won’t wear off any time soon.

Emerald OG: This Indica is amazing, named after the color of the nugs, Emerald OG has it all. Very dens bud formation covered in a thick layer of trichomes. This particular strain of San Diego Marijuana has a spicy smell and an earthy flavor. Hard hitting but still functional, I really enjoyed the effects on my stress levels. In addition to relaxation this strain provides a gentle uplift and euphoria. Simply amazing!

For questions about San Diego marijuana 

Bullrider Sour D: This strain smells intensely fruity and sour at the same time, and the taste has been described as refreshing and piny. The effects of this San Diego Marijuana start in the head and quickly turn into a heavy body high. This strain is best suited for later on in the day and work’s Fantastic for those patients suffering from insomnia and chronic pain issues. I highly recommend this amazing San Diego marijuana!

San Diego marijuana

Great strains to check out!

medical marijuana in san diego

Some excellent medical marijuana in San Diego to check out at California Healing

If you are new to medical marijuana in San Diego I would highly recommend going to California Healing, no pun intended! I know from personal experience that there are a lot of different strains around and it can be difficult to find exactly what you want, at the quality that you want it. Luckily, I reviewed three of my personal favorite strains to get you started!

Top shelf medical marijuana in San Diego’s best dispensary

Okay! Up first is the amazing Super Skunk…. Out of all the medical marijuana in San Diego boy does this pack a punch !It not only smells amazing but smokes just as well, if you are looking for a great sativa you’ve found it. Not only will it help calm you down after a stressful day it’s also great at helping to relieve Anxiety. So if you are looking to still be productive and happy while you do the things you do best and not stuck to the couch, then this one is worth giving a shot.

Alright… Lavender Kush… wow does this live up to Medical marijuana in San Diego. After a long day of running around and working hard, sometimes you just want to kick back, do nothing at all but relax, watch some TV and fall asleep right? Is that too much to ask? The Lavender Kush is best used for insomnia and pain so if you’re back hurts, you have migraines or just can’t seem to fall asleep at night then this strain is for you.

Last but not least is one of my personal favorite San Diego Medical Marijuana Strains, the one and only White Wizard! But before you go searching all over just to find it. Save yourself some time, energy and get it exclusively at California Healing! I promise you won’t be disappointed. This is great if you don’t want to go fully in either direction not too bouncy yet not stuck in a couch. White Wizard provides a very euphoric balance and like I said it’s not too hot or too cold it’s just right! Medical marijuana in San Diego’s best dispensary is fire!

Great new strains!

medical marijuana in san diego

The Best San Diego Medical Marijuana at your favorite dispensary!

Welcome to August! As we enter into our first year open, we are excited to see so many new members and to be able to provide the same compassionate care we have from day one! San Diego’s best medical marijuana dispensary just received some excellent new strains I cannot wait to tell you about them!

We are proud to introduce to you our beautiful new San Diego medical marijuana strain Grape Ape. This baby is one of my very favorite strains; the flavor is sensational, so fresh. The outer appearance is gorgeous; each nugget is caked with trichomes which make it hard not to drool. Members who need a fairly heavy effect that is great for sleep and relaxation should most definitely check out this San Diego medical marijuana strain.

The next new addition is the magnificent Sweet OG! This beautiful San Diego medical marijuana has a vibrant green color with gorgeous orange hairs seemingly dipped in sugar. The lime smell is subtle but the flavor is powerful and a great OG taste. Be ready for a heavy effect because this San Diego medical marijuana is great for couch lock and the length of the effects are excellent!

So come on in and check out some of the best San Diego medical marijuana I have ever scoped.

New July Medical Marijuana Strains


The Best San Diego medical marijuana!

Over here in our San Diego medical marijuana dispensary California Healing we’ve been busy unpacking and preparing a bunch of new strains. As usual each and every type of medicine we put in our showcase is of the absolute highest quality and has won its spot in our club. Also to any new members that may not already know, we are so confident in the quality of our San Diego medical marijuana that we offer your absolute satisfaction or your donation back.

Strain Showcase

Indica: Kryptonite OG

This strain is purely Indica and a heavy one at that. You can tell with a quick glance that it is packed full of crystals and has quite a potent Kush smell with a hint of skunk that will leave the whole room smelling like it. Its smokes very nicely and has a pleasant resin aftertaste. The effects creep over your entire body and before you know it you’ll be feeling the euphoria this strains known for. As it is quite a heavy Indica you will want to keep this San Diego medical marijuana to a night time activity since bedtime will be something your ready for after a couple hours.

Sativa: Green Crack

Named appropriately, Green Crack is a much more uplifting and energizing then many of the strains you will come across. It has a green and very fresh appearance to it and is covered with bright hairs and crystals. It smells fruity and sweet in a refreshing way. It produces a light smoke that will leave your mouth watering but not your lungs coughing. The effects of this great San Diego medical marijuana are immediate after inhaling the smoke. First your body will be hit with a slight relaxing feel and your mind will stay nice and clear. It is the perfect medicine for the morning time before a long and productive day.

Hybrid: AK-47

There really isn’t much I need to say about this San Diego medical marijuana strain, the name speaks for itself. Winner of eight prizes in various Cannabis competitions! It won Best Sativa in 1999 High Times Cannabis Cup and took 2nd prize in 2003. Everything from the smell to the taste to the appearance is on par from what you would expect with a 1st place Cannabis Cup winner. It’s got a tangy taste and comes with an amazing body buzz that is perfect for treating back pain and cramps.

We invite you to come into California Healing today and check out some of these amazing meds. We also offer free San Diego medical marijuana delivery to North County!

San Diego Medical Marijuana

If you are a San Diego medical marijuana patient looking for high quality medicine, and a safe, clean place to pick up your medicine, stop by California Healing and enter one of our private showrooms to see the prime selection for yourself. California Healing always carries high quality medicine and anything you receive from us comes with a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

Are you a San Diego Medical Marijuana patient?

Not A Member of California Healing? If you are not a member at California Healing already and want to become a member, come into our collective during office hours Mon-Sat. 10am-9pm/ Sun. 11am-7pm. To become a member you must have your original doctors recommendation and a valid California State ID, or Drivers License.

Be sure you stop by California Healing anytime from 6/19/11 – 7/3/11 and get your raffle tickets which can win you FREE PRIZES. Want to know how you can win free prizes from California Healing?

With each donation of $50 you will receive a raffle ticket.

The Winners of the Raffle will be called on JULY 3, 2011.

The prizes are:

1st place = NO2 vaporizer

2nd place = 1/4 oz of any strain Patients Choice

3rd place = 1/8 oz of any strain Patients Choice

Make sure you stop by California Healing to pick up your raffle tickets before July 3, 2011.

California Healing recently won the award “Best New Collective San Diego” at the Spring Gathering Cannabis Classic powered by Weedmaps. We would like to thank all the patients and members who voted for us and believe we are the “Best New Collective in San Diego”.


Voted “Best New Collective” San Diego

Nominated for “Best Overall Collective” San Diego

To show our members appreciation for supporting us, California Healing now offers FREE DELIVERY for all of our members!!!!! Call California Healing @ (858) 622-9400 for more information.

California Healing is located in Sorrento Valley, San Diego, CA 92121 overlooking the I-805.

BEST new collective!

medical marijuana in san diego

Our Medical Marijuana Dispensary would like to officially thank everyone for this great honor!

California Healing has won BEST new collective! Nominated by our members! Thanks to Weedmaps.com, this years Spring Gathering and Cannabis Classic for the award!

The Spring Cannabis Classic provides medical marijuana patients with a platform to celebrate with their favorite collectives, products and strains of the season, as well as honor inspirational activists and artists that have enhanced their lives.

Medical marijuana patients want compassion. Healthy competition among collectives leads to medical marijuana patients getting the best care and the right medicine to suit their needs. With each collective striving to be the ideal compassionate environment for patients, they encourage each other to be better and carry a larger variety of products that patients seek.

The Best New Collective award is for a stand out collective that’s made patients feel welcome in a short period of time. This collective carries the strains and products its patients need to improve the quality of their lives.

We are so thankful to our members continuously supporting our medical marijuana dispensary! Hope to see you all soon!

New Medicinal Marijuana Strain Reviews

This week at California Healing we are excited to announce the arrival of a couple great new strains of medicinal marijuana. Each is quite unique in its effects, smell, and taste. Stop in and give them a try before they run out or take advantage of our month long free delivery service.

Sage ‘N Sour – Sativa

This lemony sour smelling strain originally came from crossing Sour Diesel and Sage strains together. It produces a high that is fast and euphoric, perfect for daytime or if you plan on socializing. It won’t cause you to feel tired at the end of the high like many indicia strains would. The smoke is smooth with hints of citrus and will have you buzzing around ready for day. Once you get a taste you’ll remember this strain like a little taste of summer.

Purple Bubblegum – Hybrid

An offspring of two legendary strains, Purple Bubblegum is quickly becoming one of my favorite strains. Its parents are the very famous Bubble Gum and Purple Urkle. As a hybrid of these two strains it’s a perfect blend of both, coming in at 50% indicia and 50% sativa. In my experience this strain tends to smoke a bit heavier then what I would expect from a 50/50 split. It will give you a strong sense of euphoria and will have you forgetting about whatever pain you were in before. It has other medicinal properties such as stimulating your appetite and combating insomnia, so if you’re a fan of either Bubblegum or Purple Urkle you need to give it a try.