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March 2011! This month has brought so many new and excellent strains! We have introduced three new strains that I think are out of this word!

Jack the Ripper: This sativa is a beautiful addition to our medicinal marijuana showcase! So much to love about this amazing strain; its flavor is a lemony, fresh taste that makes you mouth water! The effects are apparent with the first hit and it creeps over you like a warm blanket. Your mood will be suddenly uplifted and you will be compelled to get up and do something!

The next is the Master Kush: Master is a heavy Indica that works great for any kind of pain management or sleep needs. Its dense buds give off a lemony smell and the flavor is just as delicious. Perfect for a relaxing night and any muscle pain you might have!

Lastly, the Lavender Kush: This particular strain of Lavender Kush is a true 360 bud, a gorgeous blend of purple and green twisted into each nugget. The aroma of the Lavender is sweet and pungent. The vapor is smooth and the flavor is delightful! Take this beauty home and be couch locked all night with its heavy Indica effects.

With all of the great strains we have had this month these three have stood out to me for not only the quality of the effects but the look and taste of the beauty queens. I invite you to come in and check out all these strains and all of the other quality medicinal marijuana we have to offer.

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