California Healing

California Healing is San Diego’s premier medical marijuana dispensary. Located in Sorrento Valley just north of San Diego, you will find that our medical marijuana dispensary has the finest cannabis in North County. Many San Diego cannabis users have left testimonials describing how they enjoyed the quality of our medical marijuana. California Healing is a not for profit collective and offer other services normally found in other collectives.

“California Healing really is the BEST professional dispensary I’ve ever been to, and I’m so lucky that it’s so close to my workplace. I come in frequently to pick up the best sativa I’ve ever had the Hawg’s Breath. This medicine is ultra smooth upon inhalation with fruity undertones upon exhalation, which leaves a great taste in my mouth. The feeling it gives me is a soaring head high that’s followed with an energy buzz that heightens my senses and stimulates my brain- incredibly uplifting! I’m able to complete my work with a smile. 🙂 Thank you California Healing for providing the best medicine for your patients.”

“I was looking to try out a new place for my meds and so of course I went on Weedmaps just like any other smart human being. Some how I stumbled across California Healing, which was only about a 20 minute drive from my house. I drove down the beautiful 56 Freeway to a professional looking office building just off the 5 South. I had never been anywhere so nice to get my meds, i felt like i was going to an important meeting or something. The atmosphere inside is professional and even though the suite is 225, it is located conveniently on the first floor, with a nice sign clearly showing which door to enter through… Bud Quality: This place had some of the nicest buds I have ever smelled, seen, and smoked.

I explained to the Budtender that i prefered more sativa dominant strains, and he sure had an excellent selection for me to choose from. It seems like most places seem to focus on their Indica’s, this was not the case, California healing had a great selection from both families. First he opened up the jar of Hog’s Breath, which were some of the most beautiful looking flowers. There is no way you could see them and not want to pick some up. I though my decision was mad until I smelled the delicious sour citrusy smell of the Super Lemon Haze. This bud just screams sativa, when the jar opens, it literally smells like a box of lemons, covered in beautiful red hairs. I could not wait to load a bowl of this into my pipe.

Let me tell you, this flower smokes perfectly, and the sativa effects are immediatley felt behind the eyes and around the head. I immediatley wanted to go to the gym or go run errands. The droopy eye effect might be a little intense for toking before work, but for a day off for running errands or getting things done, this is the perfect morning sativa. All the other buds there where seriously top notch, I am very happy with my purchase and will be returning again.

I only had a twenty which i expected to spend, but this amazing flower was only 18 for a g! Not to mention I got two free Yak Indica capsules for being a first time. I definitely just found my new to go place in San Diego, there really isn’t any reason to go somewhere else, this place has it all. ”

“California healing is the best dispensary I have been to. All the bud is top quality. The Staff are very knowledgeable about all there products and are very friendly. No need to go anywhere else, they have everything I need. I would recommend this shop to anyone who wants quality meds.”